Which Social Media Platforms to Post on…?

Should your company have a presence on all of the top current #socialmedia platforms? Only if you can execute properly and timely. Otherwise, pick the ones that resonate with you, that you will actually post on in a consistent manner and that is easy for you to keep up with. Better for you to post 5 days a week on Twitter each and every week, than once on Facebook every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes you feel comfortable on one platform, but a staff member feels comfortable on another, in that case….great, divide and conquer, just make sure you are sending the same message and being consistent in branding.  Make sure the platforms you choose to publish the majority of your social communication are ones that attract and speak to your target market. For instance, if you are promoting Senior Living Residences on Periscope or Snapchat, I’m thinking maybe those aren’t the right choices…maybe use LinkedIn and Facebook instead. If you are an up and coming thought leader offering how-to webinars targeting millennial entrepreneurs then Periscope and Snapchat are very likely the exact ones you want to use, as many of them truly want to connect and feel like they are a part of a brand and they have a voice.

The answer might be simple for your brand, but if it isn’t, work with a digital company or social expert to get your social networks setup and a strategy in place. Whether you choose to work with us or somebody else, taking the step today to get your social plan started will help you, your brand and your market presence immensely and get the ‘Get on Social’ off your to-do list. If you wait until tomorrow or next week when you’ll ‘for sure’ do it then most likely in 3-6 months it will still be on your list and you will be wondering I wonder what Social could do for our brand and our sales.

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