What to Do When You Get a Good Review

Customer reviews, whether positive or negative, can make or break a business. Nowadays, providing feedback is mostly done online customers utilizing web survey sites such as Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and so on to share their thoughts and opinions on the various products and services that they spend their money on. 


While negative feedback often gets the most consideration and coverage, positive feedback is actually more significant–at least, for business owners. It’s very important for companies and brands to acknowledge and respond to positive feedback. Doing so creates a rapport between the brand and its audience.


With 92% of consumers making decisions based on reviews they find online, businesses can’t bear to remain uninvolved. Here’s how you should deal with good reviews.



How to Deal With Good Customer Reviews


  • Explicitly Thank Them 


Nobody should let a commendation pass them by. Apply that equivalent guideline to customer reviews! Also, make it a point to emphasize the commendation. This helps the client/customer realize that you took the time to recognize them, and that makes them feel better.


  • Namedrop Your Business/Brand 


Never pass up the chance to drive your business up in list items. Receiving positive feedback does something amazing in search engines. When you namedrop your business or brand on a good review, it helps boost your digital presence. 


  • Market, market, market 


Is your business popular because of something specific or unique? Mention that. Reacting to a good review is an incredible way to get the great word out. 


  • Give your client an assignment 


This is not as alarming as it sounds! When you respond to a good review, ask your customer/client to do something small, such as recommend your service or product to a friend.



Clearly, there is a lot of marketing power in positive feedback. Make sure your brand is able to harness it.


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