email marketing

Email Marketing

April 26, 2013

Cost Effective Email Marketing Campaigns We can help you reach your past and potential clients thru email marketing with a high ROI (Return on Investment). For pennies an email you reach thousands of your clients weekly to give them information on your latest promotion and product developments. Reach your clients each week thru email marketing campaigns.

Custom Web Design & Website Development

January 2, 2013

Want to make an Impact with your Website Look and Performance? Synergy Elements offers web design services to meet your business’s every need. We specialize in custom development and e-commerce website design. We are continuously pushing forward to expand our already high level of creativity, and to offer new and exciting design possibilities for our clients. […]

Effective Online Marketing thru Promotion and Paid Search

December 28, 2012

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Looking for more traffic and sales? Our search engine marketing strategies can increase your websites traffic and increase your business dramatically.  Take advantage of your website and begin marketing it. We will look at competitors, market terms, cost per click and online ppc ad optimization to help you get the best […]

Organic SEO

Organic SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

January 2, 2013

Looking to increase website traffic thru organic seo and position your site for success? Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to get more people to your website. It is imperative to start this as early on in the website development as possible. Our search engine optimization strategies can increase your websites traffic and increase […]

social media

Social Media Marketing and Local Search Presence

January 2, 2013

Feeling a bit lost with the whole Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc speak of Social Media? Let us help demystify the realm of social media and get you ‘on the map’ with all the right networks like Google Local / Plus and other local ‘places/directories’ . Waiting till later or tomorrow is no longer a viable […]

Custom Promotional Product Campaigns

July 2, 2012

Want to Reward Loyal Customers and Attract New Business at Tradeshows? Synergy Elements offers your company complete custom promotional products solutions. From sourcing unique promotional items, re-ordering your trade show favorites, we are here to help you find that just right product to make a great impression. By customizing your company’s logo in the right colors and sizes […]

Content Management Systems & Client Website Access

January 2, 2013

Managing your content on-time, easily and effectively can be the key to success for your website or business. We offer customized website content management system solutions to fit your businesses particular needs. Whether you’re looking to simply update text/photos, connect with customers through chat and forms or integrate an online store with inventory and custom […]

IPV6 Internet Expansion

June 6, 2012

Internet overloaded? IPV6 to the rescue! Going live on IPV6 on the internet today we now have trillions upon trillions of internet addresses available. With the emergence of 20 billion connected internet devices (iphone-ipad-android-tivo etc), we almost out out of i.p. addresses for everyone. With the integration of the new system, being phased in today, June […]

PPC Advertising

September 7, 2011

One of the most appealing facets of PPC lies in the fact that you only have to pay for this advertising when a person clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on it you don’t pay a dime – but you don’t get any new customers either. PPC typically costs from a few cents […]

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