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In our virtual age, three out of four people use the internet to locate services and products or to discover a solution to a problem. The first websites that show up in a search get over 91% of traffic. Having your website show up in that search can be paramount to your business. We are experienced in local search and Google ranking procedures and have helped numerous companies push to higher levels of success and local presence.

If your site isn’t in the search results,

then you are missing out on valuable leads and income opportunities. In order to raise your website’s ranking so that your website shows up correctly, you want a powerful search engine optimization strategy.

This is where Synergy Elements Marketing can help. Our search engine optimization professionals will audit your current website, analyze the opposition and build an approach specifically for your business, complete key-word research and opportunities to deliver you greater website site visitors and new leads.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for:

Search engine optimization is working on text and html on your site in a specific manner to increase your rankings in Google and various search engines like Bing and others, while also working off your site building authority back to your site.

At Synergy Elements Marketing:

We work diligently to optimize your website to be more than just an online brochure that people are unlikely to find or engage with but a powerful marketing tool that brings in highly targeted traffic based on keywords that your prospects are searching for.


Visibility and Rankings

When searching online, users are more likely to choose one of the top five suggestions that shows up in the search results. With proper search engine optimization, you will start to come up closer to top of search results.

Over time you will gain more exposure and visibility and get more visits to your website.  Having a site that is visible on page 1 for keywords in your vertical are vital to a businesses success these days. If no one can find your site through search, your visitors and site conversions will be very low.


The more your site is properly optimized with current pertinent information the more that Google and other search engines like Bing will look to you as an authority and a valid and honest source for online consumers. 

The search engines want to see site owners that care about being helpful, and sharing useful and relatable content to their searchers. You site relevancy and legitimacy will build your online authority and increase your site rankings. 


Website Experience

A well built site will let people more clearly find and know about your offerings and deliver a better user experience. They can find your location, contact info and details of your products and services all in a few clicks.

By catering website to the user’s experience, search engines like Google and Bing are able to easily pull the information they need to then relay to users. You want your site to be easy to find and navigate so people can find what they are looking for with the least difficulty and in the quickest manner possible. Proper site layout will allow people to skim over the info they need resulting in quicker purchase decisions. 

Grow with SEO

SEO can help your brand expand quicker. The more you rank among search engines for select keywords, the more visitors your site will see due to increased presence in Google, Bing and others.

A site that is built well and uses keywords and seo strategies ranks higher. When you rank higher you come up in more page results and receive more clicks to your website. With more traffic comes more conversions on your site resulting in more of your content, products and services being seen and calls and emails regarding your offerings, which as you can easily deduce would results in more sales for your business. 

Whats is the SEO Process?

We go to work to research your business and vertical to find keywords that rank well in Google and search engines and that you may even have a few of on your site. We then choose a set of words based on your budget that are most achievable for your budget and desired achievement time. Upon selection of these seo keywords we work monthly on building your authority on and off your site so you can start ranking for these words over time.

There’s no set amount of time that this takes, but we’ve found a comprehensive strategy is the most effective way to expedite the process. We can discuss your needs and develop a timeline to measure the results. With the right plan and elements in action you may see some results in the first month or two but you can start to really gain traction within 6 months.

Marketing that Pays You Back

These days just placing an ad in you local paper or magazine will not get you the results you need. Today's consumer researches online almost 90% before ever committing to a purchase, this counts for products, services and even where to dine or what movie to see. Investing in your online digital presence will bring you tangible results and get you found instead of leaving you among the lost.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization

A full seo plan of attack for your site is really important and should include things like link strategies, keyword rich content, meta tags, image optimization and more. Synergy Elements Marketing will work with you to ensure we cover all the bases in this foundational on-site work to build a strong foothold with Google.

Local SEO

If your business has multiple locations or just one, then you can benefit from local SEO services. With our local Forth Worth SEO services, we can help your business achieve higher rankings in local search results in order to beat your competition.

Reputation Management

In addition to local SEO services, we also specialize in reputation management services to help present a strong positive online presence. How you are perceived from local online reviews can make or break your online success. We have the tools to help you succeed and these tools can make a big impact in a stair stepped approach to online success. 

Optimizing your Online Store

Smart businesses choose to optimize their websites to rank for the right keywords, although many ecommerce shops do not do the same thing. So many sites are vying for the same customer and many are losing the fight because their site is coming up so low in the rankings that no one can even look at their products or compare with someone else's. Let's work together to get you showing for some of your vital products on page 1.  

What you can expect from Synergy Elements Marketing

Our SEO campaigns include the following elements to improve your online visibility and keyword rankings:

Website Audit

An audit of your website to review metadata, URL structure, issues, keywords, competition, backlink analysis and more.

Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competitors and looking at the SERP landscape to see what keywords you and your competition have in common.

Keyword Research

The SEO specialist will conduct research and pull together a list of keyword opportunities for your website.

Technical SEO

Site speed, on page errors with schema, 404's and other technical issues can hurt your seo. We work to correct these issues to and improve your site.

Building Backlinks

Working with high-quality websites and bloggers in a variety of industries we perform outreach to increase your backlink profile.

Content Writing

We have a content writer team who will produce content for your website to help with internal linking and long-tail keyword ranking strategies.

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