Link Building Strategies

As with our keyword research, our Link Building Strategies . . .
for your website are pursued based on subject relevance, not just to improve search engine rankings. We want to create in-coming links to your website that are compatible to your content and focus. The fact that link building makes up 50 percent of a proper SEO campaign clearly shows it’s importance.

Linking Strategies consist of many areas including, links into your site, link within your site, and links from you to other sites. It can be a daunting task. We can help you make informed choices that will lead to proper strategic linking in all of these areas. For now, we will focus on the most important type of link: inbound links coming to your website.

Search engines look at incoming links to your website as votes. The websites with the most votes, gets a higher ranking on the search-engine results pages. But they must be quality links. Links from websites that have nothing to do with your content (or the location of your business) is looked upon negatively by search engines and will hurt your rankings. Essentially, the more popular and relevant the websites are that link to your site, the more popular your site will become. It’s often a popularity contest in the real world and the same is true in the online world.

So where can you find high quality links? How can you differentiate between sites that have worthwhile links and those that are just wasting your time and money? And how can you determine if the structure of the link text is done correctly. By hiring Internet Marketing of dallas.

There are 2 ways to obtain links. You can ask for them, and you can create them. Asking for links comes in the form of site submissions to directories and search engines, etc. And it can also include contacting similar websites and asking to trade links with it (reciprocal linking). Asking for links is a vital part of search engine optimization. But there are newer linking techniques out there, in the form of creating links. But few internet marketing companies practice these effective and sound tactics. This process is new, aggressive, and it works!

The key here is the creation of new, relevant content that is unique. To help explain what creating links consists of here is one example: Many websites have a blog. But they let their content just sit there. We push that content out onto the web to let the search engines find it, index it, and rank it faster. And this faster indexing isn’t the only advantage. By pushing your content out onto the web we are creating valuable back links coming to your website as well.

The same is true with articles you can write about your business or industry and press releases about events happening in your business or industry. There are literally thousands of online distribution channels for this type of content. We maintain a list of highly targeted online media outlets.

This is one of the reasons why our Linking Service goes hand-in-hand with our Content Creation Services. All though you are encouraged to write all of your copy, most clients want our guidance at first. So we will help you push all of this new and fresh content out onto the web each month for maximum impact.

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