Don’t Pay Random Website Invoices that come to you without checking with your Web or Marketing Person.

Website and Domain Scamming Companies

One of my dear clients got this in the mail Saturday and started to pay it. He stopped and thought, maybe I better call April 1st, since the invoice was not from me. He asked if I am no longer hosting his site, as these people are trying to get money from him for his domain. I didn’t even have to see the letter, I knew it was yet another scam to try and take business away from honest, hard working companies and take advantage of innocent, well intentioned and also hard working business owners.

I told him to toss in the ‘circular outbox’ and to not give it a 2nd thought. I told him that 95% of what comes in via email, snail mail and phone calls is from spamming scammers. It is said that people have no conscious and run businesses like this to deceive people. Always check with your web or marketing person that handles your website domain hosting or anything else marketing related, as companies are just looking to take advantage of you. Most of these invoices will actually say on there that it is a solicitation, but most of us skim over the fine print and that’s what they count on.

So when an invoice comes from a company you do not know, give a ring, not to them, but to your marketing contact, chances are it’s a piece of rubbish. Hope you all have a scam-free day today :)

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