Is Your Business Prepared for the Future of Online Business?

A Digital Marketing Foundation for Local Businesses

Businesses are trying to embrace this evolving digital world to keep operating. We want to help guide you and give you the tools to be successful online so you can keep your eye on your day to day operations and connect with your existing and potential clients online.


People are talking about you online… about your business… about your competitors and their businesses. Are you on top of what’s being said about you? On Facebook and Twitter, on Yelp, Google and beyond, your reputation is being shaped in the cloud. Often, a potential customer’s first impression
is made by another customer’s last impression of you that they have
posted online. A basic foundation is needed to succeed during these challenging times and beyond. We hope we can be a part of your success!

Reviews & Reputation

Monitor and manage your online reviews and ratings. Respond quickly to all the feedback and comments from various platforms in just one dashboard. 

You'll surely have positive online presence with this toolkit. 

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Listings & SEO

Let people know who you are and where you are by monitoring and updating your local listing on major listing sites. The dashboard also syncs your business listing to many websites all over the internet, may it be Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

With up-to-date information, your business can rank first on major search engines on the web.

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Website Creation

Having a well designed and informative website is no longer a nicety, but a necessity these days.

People are researching potential companies to do business with long before they ever come to your business, pickup the phone to call you or email you for information.

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Social Media Management

With this tool, you can easily manage your posts, messages, comments, and customers on Facebook and Google My Business. Schedule post or instantly share it to your potential clients.

There are tons of post templates for you to edit and use. 

You can also monitor the engagement of your posts on various platforms.


We are proud to offer our clients a custom blend of digital marketing products and an intelligent dashboard, so you can get a grasp on local online marketing and elevate your business to the next level. Watch the video to learn more and contact us to request an online report or just jump in, get started and let's up your game.


Local online business toolkit 

Helping local businesses affected by COVID-19 to continue gaining success in the industry by creating an online presence for your business.


Here are 3 service models for you to choose from

Do It For You

We'll take all your worries away doing the things you business needs, like reputation management, local listing, and social media marketing. Let us handle these things so you can focus on your business and grow. 

Do It With You

Working together to fulfill your business growth. We'll divide the workload and make sure that we are always on the same page with the progress. We'll help you manage your business by taking the tasks you worry the most.

Do It Yourself

No one knows your business more than yourself. By providing the tools and training you need, you'll be able to be ahead of your competitors and have an advantage in the digital world. 

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Cornerstone Digital Marketing Services:

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