digital marketing Parker County

digital marketing Parker County

Why small businesses need to invest in digital marketing

All small business owners understand the importance of marketing to business growth. However, running a business with a tight budget makes it imperative to make difficult decisions. Often, small business owners tend to starve marketing in favor of other aspects of their business. Sadly, this is to the detriment of the business. It’s high time small business owner realize that any dollar pumped into marketing is an investment and not an expense. An effective digital marketing campaign would generate significant ROI.

What is the advantage of digital marketing?

Digital marketing in Parker County is the easiest way to get your message to a large audience. Below are some of the advantages of digital marketing

Cost effective: a properly managed digital marketing campaign would not cost you an arm and a leg, and you’ll get your message to the right audience. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing campaigns are almost free of charge.

Measurable results: The results of a digital marketing campaign are easily measurable. Even while the campaign is still ongoing, you can measure parameters such as engagement, reach, conversions, etc. If the results are not impressive, you can change your strategy and save valuable time and cost.

Reach and specific targeting: Even with very little investment, a digital marketing campaign can get your message to millions. If you have concerns about the quality of the reach, some tools can help you achieve some much-needed specificity.  

Visibility: The visibility of your digital marketing campaign is not always dependent on your investment. As long as your target audience can relate and engage with your message, they would help you spread the message by sharing. This has a ripple effect on your ROI.

Customer engagement and brand loyalty: Directly engaging with your audience via digital marketing platforms helps you get to know each other better. This facilitates brand loyalty.

How much should I budget for marketing?

The general recommendation by the U.S. Small Business Administration is that you should budget 7-8% of your gross revenue. Certain factors such as your current marketing foundations and the target goal would influence how much you should budget for marketing. Practical knowledge shows that budgeting 5% of revenue is sufficient for most small businesses looking to maintain their position. If your aim is growth, you would need to spend more.

What is a good digital marketing ROI?

Just like your digital marketing budget, a lot of factors would influence what your business would consider a good digital marketing ROI. For most businesses, a 5:1 ratio is considered good and a 10:1 ratio is considered exceptional. If you let us handle your digital marketing in Parker County, you can rest assured you’ll get good returns on your investment.

By now, you should be convinced your small business would benefit greatly from a well-planned digital marketing campaign. At Synergy Elements, we specialize in providing a wide range of digital marketing solutions for all our clients in Parker County and beyond. Get in touch with us today, and you’ll be glad you did.

digital marketing Parker County
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