Get on Google before you open…

Breaking News! Get Your Company Listed on Google Business Before it Opens to the Public:

Before you had to wait until your business was physically open to get your business listed on google. Now you can get you business listed up to one year before the doors open…WOOHOO! Well at least for new businesses this is good, existing businesses will have to fight even harder to stay on top of things and keep their clientele focused on them and not the next big thing coming to town.

For the new businesses, sign in to Google Business and setup your new location, on the menu click Info and find the opening date section. Enter your date to open there and hit apply. The rules still apply as far as verifying your business, so if they say they need to send you a postcard to verify, you’ll still have to be able to receive it. Once you are about to open, go back into Google Business and add your hours of operation and that you are open now so people will know you’re ready for them.

For existing businesses, work with your marketing team on an ongoing basis to stay abreast of new business like yours that are popping up in your locale and stay one step ahead with seo, marketing offers and more.

Good Luck to the New and Old and Go Get’m!

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